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Call Us Afro Dancers

Afrobeat is a genre of music that emerged from the African continent in the 70s through Fela Kuti’s music and it was greatly exported to the western world by him. Fela had coined the term Afrobeat to describe his music which was a fusion of African instruments, American funk and highlife.
But the 90s saw Nigerian Musicians be greatly influenced by western music. Hip hop and RnB were more rampant on the music scene in Lagos, Nigeria and not until about 8 years ago did Afrobeat started coming back to being exported and acknowledged on the World stage. But wherever there is music, there is dance. It is only natural that if Nigerian 90’s musicians were influenced by the west, so were Nigerian 90’s dancers but there is a demographic of dancers who identify their genre of dance as “Afrodance” performing dances that solely originate from the African continent. “A lot of dancers do not want to identify with the term “Afro”, David says, “but they would perform dances from Africa. It’s doesn’t work that way. Is the dance from Africa? Then give it credit.” From an ongoing project, “call us Afrodancers”.